Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making It Clear

Crazy what can happen in a month, huh? I'm doing some traveling!. I've been to Virginia for Liberty, and tomorrow I'm in South Carolina, then D.C. I love it. I love staying busy in this wonderful season of fall. When I come home all I want to do is head straight to the barn. I got my license yesterday, and I have this amazing mentor that I work with who's really taken me under her wind recently as far as getting me started in the industry.
My life is busy, and as much as I mentioned how I love it, I hope I'm listening to the Lord enough to hear Him and so that He can tell me what His will is for my life. Especially since spending the weekend at Liberty University, I've been asking God to make it clear in my life what it is He wants me to do and where He'd have me. Let me hear, God, from You, where you want me to be. I challenge you. CHALLENGE you to listen to Him this week and try to discern what HE wants, for you. Not what YOU want. I know this one's short. I'm starting to feel all crazy on the road!
Love, Cherise