Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Genre: Humitorial

My English teacher told me to write an humorous editorial, so I made up a new genre: 'humitorial.'
I decided to cast a little light on the modeling industry...let me know what you think!

I went to a fashion show. The models are wearing thousands of dollars of clothing, the most expensive heels, they get to have their hair and makeup done, and you know what? They look MAD!”

Well I know why! We’re hungry!
You think it’s easy? Allow me the pleasure of explaining…but before I start I want you to know that this does not come from your average model. Why? Read on…

You all think that we get dressed up in pretty clothes, walk down a runway and back, and we get paid for it. Let me fill you in on common model misconceptions because honey, you’ve got it all wrong. So take a step in my shoes—I mean 6-inch-heels—and let me tell you what’s really going on…

People think this is an easy way to earn a living. Show up for your shoot, someone gets to do your hair, someone else does your makeup, and you take a picture.
…It’s More like you arrive at your location, someone slaps some makeup on you, (Seriously, SLAPS) your hair gets choked with seventy pounds of hairspray, and you work for hours to get that one great shot. Sometimes I feel like I live off air and hairspray.

Come to think of it, photography is the only occupation where you’re legally allowed to shoot someone and cut their head off.

You have to be tall, and I mean SUPER TALL. You have to be comfortable with every stranger you encounter informing you of said fact, and being able to stay in your heels ALL DAY LONG. Not even the pro’s can do that very well.

You have to be able to act. Modeling is acting. You’re acting like your feet don’t hurt.
You have to be able to be a size 0-2 to be able to either slide or squeeze into designer’s clothes. This is just one of the rules of fashion modeling.

You have got to be tough. Tough enough to be able to push past the negativity, the rejection, and just keep going. This business is full of it. You better watch out.
I could write a paper on this subject alone. Not only negativity, but everyone who knows you feels like they should ’help you out’ and give you a little free advice. (meaning critiquing.)

Modeling is understanding that not everyone thinks that you’re perfect. Half of the world says: “She’s gorgeous. She’s so tall and super thin and just look how far she’s gotten!”
The other half of the world? Not so much. “She’s so beautiful and too thin and just perfect! I hate her!”

Modeling is watching your figure because now your body is your business. It’s doing 480 leg crunches a day and working out for five hours straight.
It’s nutrition—but it isn’t just not eating. It’s not making a big deal about calories or your current weight. It’s about putting the right kind of fuel in your body to keep it running. It’s about maintaining a healthy self image and not getting carried away with the scale.

Modeling is not about attitude. It’s not giving off the impression that ‘You’re sexy and you know it.’  You’re just the same as the normal people…even if you’ve been cast as an extra in a movie, walked for this designer or got shot by that photographer, or even knowing people your friend’s dream of meeting.

Of course you can’t forget that modeling is being playfully joked at and ALWAYS stereotyped. There are two types of people: whether they’re friends just stating one more joke or a fellow model at a casting, (actually casting glares) I’ve heard it all. Sometimes I laugh it off, and other times it gets old, but I would never trade it.

To take it a step further than most models would go, it’s my personal relationship with Someone that takes me out of said stereotype. Just about everything that’s considered normal in the modeling world is not to me. I live in another World. A World where my King has prepared a place for me. He came down to save the models I see everyday, to take them to another World. My King’s name is Jesus. He wants to capture their hearts to change this dark, dark industry. This starts with me.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” said Coco Chanel.
To me, modeling is about being a light in this dark industry for HIM.
That is why I am not your average model who is stereotyped to these common model misconceptions.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First post of 2012!

Happy New Year! Hard to believe it's 2012, and also a year since I've been in the fashion industry! My calling was on January 16th, 2011, and I wrote about it in an earlier post Arise.  So crazy what God can do in a year. I am a completely different person.

My New Year has been great so far! I had an incredible shoot with Derek Shane, as you can see, I have the pictures up, and I had a fitting for this amazing jumpsuit/romper with Gene Gimono...two incredibly talented people I've been blessed to work with. I'm looking at five more upcoming shoots this month. That's a lot of shooting.

This year to grow in my walk with God I have been reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It's only been a mere 10 days and Jesus is teaching me so many things. Especially spending more time in His Word. Last year I wasn't so good about that as I am now. Where I was just wasn't enough to get to where I wanted to be.
I also promised my thoughts on Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. To make a long story short, I'm not finished it yet, because Christmas and the craziness was intense, but it will be here...eventually!

As far an New York this Spring, I am still praying about that. Not as hard as I should be, but I realized that there's a difference between a good idea, and God's idea. Right now is not God's idea to go, so I am waiting.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO THE LONG AWAITED MOMENT OF MY BRACES BEING OFF, NO BIG DEAL. Those little monsters were off December 20th! So Lord willing, I will be able to go to castings and do some things around Atlanta! Now my agent can actually submit me for things and I can start on my journey!

And that brings me to the point of needing a car. Not just any car...a Toyota Prius. I really, really want a Prius. Don't try to talk me out of it, this is the car I want so bad, and there is not a chance I'm going to succumb to another old cheap car just to have one. I have dreamed about this car for ages! So to whoever's reading this, if you have one that's a couple years older that's for sale, definitely tweet me.

I wish I was better about updating my blog, but unfortunately I only tend to do so once a month...but all my not-so-blog-worthy-yet-still-slightly-monumental happenings are posted online here!