Monday, April 9, 2012

What Happened on March 31st (Complete with irrelevant details)

I'm shooting tomorrow!
Literally this is a huge step for me.

That's as far as I wrote at 10:45 the night before. (And just to make myself slightly unpopular, that's late for me.)

I had no idea that shoot would get me here so fast.

My alarm goes off at 7:25 on March 31st. It's here!
I actually spring out of bed, then regret it as I clunk my head into the side of the wall jumping out of bed too fast.
With my morning off to a great start, I head to the barn to take care of two big beauties, then I jump in the shower, and get ready for a big day.
Good mornings always start with Chick-fil-A, so I pop by and grab something as I'm racing to my shoot. Little did I know that I would be 'up-and-going' from 7:25 am-7:17 pm. Hi, exhaustion.
I kicked, I jumped, I vaulted off of chairs, and basically whacked my body out which later had to be fixed by my chiropractor.
When I went back the next day to shoot extras we just didn't have time for, (if you remember, I was busy contorting my body out of shape the day before) I was sore to say the least. Was it worth it? UM, YES!

I'm off to New York City meeting with agents in just 2 weeks!!!

I'm going to try not to bounce off the walls of the agency, but I'm a little excited to say the least.
To the few people I have told, I'm not going alone. Actually, I will never be too old to drag my sweet Mommy up the East Coast just to hear her intuition and if she's comfortable with stuff.

Hey, if it weren't for her support, I know I wouldn't have gone this far. So Momma's coming to NY and we're jetting off this time. We were going to take a train (wouldn't that be so cool?!) but the times didn't match up right.

The flight booking was a complete rely on the Lord, who faithfully secured a wonderful fare for us, and I am just elated to see what he does in the Big City!

I'll post more as I know more, but so far, that's my big news!