Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Less Than a Week!

I would love to take the beginning of this post and praise the Lord for all He has done!
David said "Praise the Lord" like, a bajillion times in Psalms. I sure can for once!

Praise should come on the great periods of life and those that aren't. Right now, I am pretty grateful for what God's doing in my life.
However, on the times that weren't, and when I was waiting on Him for what seemed like a while, I didn't praise near as much. I don't want to be a fair-weather friend to the Jesus who DIED for me!

Anyway. 6 days from today I leave! AHHHHHHHHHH! (Sorry! Cover your ears as I scream!)

The good news is that I'm moving, but sort of not.
It is true that I'm not sure when I come back because I am there until they send me home, which makes it difficult to say when I'll be back,
but the good news is that they are keeping me in small periods of time that could grow to more. So depending on how busy it is in the city as far as fashion is concerned, it really is hard to pinpoint.

So far it looks like a few weeks which could turn into more than that, then possibly send me home until fall. I'm really excited about what's going down.

So if it's only two weeks or something then that is awesome because I'm definitely missing my family by then, because I really am moving indefinitely.

That's the update! I'm soaking up being home (and the barn!) as much as I can, because I sure am going to be missing my family in about 6 days!