Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Under Construction

I have changed so much since I have last written. Not only in my relationship with the Lord, but seeing myself a very different person than before, too.

I'll address the blog change first. Since I'm undergoing construction so is my blog! I still love the title 'Loved by a Savior', and I still live my life knowing that, but the changes He's working on in me are so cool.

I grew up in a homechooled family. Yes, I am working on toning down my awkward, but now that I am living part New York City, part Atlanta, I think that's something I don't have to worry about quite as much!
The point is, I never really had a mission field growing up where everyone already 'knew' Jesus, so it's really cool to be able to have my own now in this lost city. In Georgia, everyone knows how to 'talk the talk'. And  " 'praying for ya, girlie' " is thoughtfully said with the touch on your arm while they cast their first prayer up. Here in New York, to say things are VERY different would be an understatement. Coming from the South, where 'Southern Hospitality' comes expected, the Big City was quite a shock to my system.
Bottom line, I love being able to share a smile that causes people to do a double-take. It's like a dare to see if they can smile back. I'm sort of a stealth Christian without yelling in in their face.
(I do not recommend this to everyone. Parental guidance strongly cautioned when smiling at random strangers alone!)

Missionary in Manhattan. It's what, if not WHO I am. I am called to be a missionary wherever I live! Whether I am serving Him on the streets in Uganda or serving Him on the runway in New York, I don't care. (Okay, I do care. But personally I prefer a mud mask from the spa over a muddy mask from the ground!!) My life doesn't count unless it's embedded in mission of God. (Matt Lawson, Youth Pastor)

It's been a long time since I've written, but I can finally make it known. I am an official Next model! I met with them in April, and here's an excerpt from an unpublished blog I wrote.
"New York City was so pivotal for me. I had such an amazing experience. It's something I'll never forget.
Then again, I don't think anyone can forget their very first trip to New York City. Even me, being grown up in the relatively large city of Atlanta, it's a shock to your system.
A wonderful, glorious, oh-my-goodness-i-cannot-believe-i'm-here- feeling."
After a whirlwind of a weekend, I sat on the plane home humbled at how the Lord can work things!  (Okay, I might of pranced to my plane a little!) 
Fast forward through a lot of waiting, and I find myself temporarily LIVING in New York, booking my first job, finding my home church, hanging out with Candice Swanepoel and Bregje Heinen and meeting my favorite model ever Coco Rocha, and ESPECIALLY figuring my way around the city, subways, and streets.
I thought I was moving, and I was because I went without any knowledge of when I was coming back, but it ended up that I was there for only about a month.

The Lord blessed me with the best church, and without HILLSONG NYC, I so doubt that I would have made it without the awesome worship, preaching, friendships, and Jesusness in that city. I walked into that church on Sunday and started serving on Wednesday. I just knew that's where I was meant to be.

So now I am home, sitting in my room with my puppy curled up beside me. (Okay, pawing for me to pet her every 4.7 seconds, which is making this blog take F O R E V E R) but Life is so good, and I've never been so glad to be home.

I have exactly s e v e n  d a y s to enjoy Marietta, Georgia, before I am thrown into this whole new cycle again for fashion week! I am soaking up every minute at home, before I'm back in the Big Apple once more. If you're reading this and you know me, thank YOU for your encouragement and love on twitter and facebook, even though I'm only on the fb a total of never.

These last few months for me have made me into who I am right now, so I am so fine with being Under Construction!