Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Holy Huddle

Hey Guys! Just decided a blog post was something to crank out right about now and I am so happy to post again.
So I just proofread this and this godly sounding post isn't to compensate for the ultimate fail of my last post...I just had some thoughts and wanted to share. I don't post here very often, (takes me forever to complete these posts!) but I may have exciting news to share soon as I'm happy to announce that I am now represented by Factor Women in Atlanta! I'm getting to be a part of light in the darkness! I couldn't be happier and I'm just so thankful.

Let's start off and say I've had an interesting, less-than-ideal Bible time with Jesus in the morning for a while. While everyone's like: "I love when God speaks to me through His Word!" I'm like: "Well, thanks a lot God, because there's another QT where I got nothing out of it."
But here's the problem: Isn't so much of our Christian walk about what we can get out of Jesus?

Jesus didn't die on a cross for us as His followers to get a high off of religious experiences.

If the reason for investing time in the Bible is to gain something personally, as opposed to spending time with Jesus, how messed up is that?

I was reading in Mark 5 about the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. The story goes on to tell that although she had been to numerous doctors, she was still not healed and her money was gone. But when she sees Jesus (!) she darts underneath the massive crowd that gathers around Him and grasps the hem of the bottom of His coat.
I can just imagine her straining and pushing through the crowd and getting no closer, until she drops to the dusty ground and wriggles through an opening in between people, and stretches her fingertips until she just barely feels the clothing of Jesus. She is instantly healed!
Im sure as healing washed over her and she turns away, she's astonished to hear Jesus inquire "Who touched me?" As all the disciples laughed (this is the CIV...the Cherise International Version, stay with me) they replied: "Lord, many people are pushing against you, and you ask 'who touched me?' " AKA "Hey Jesus, you're making a big deal out of nothing, so if you can keep walking, we can go get ribs or something."
When she falls at His feet, He tells Her that she is healed because of her faith. She was relentless until she physically touches Jesus.

So many Christians are content to huddle around Jesus, but never actually grasp for HIM. 
It's convicting for me, because I can read my Bible all I want, be involved, serve, and check off the Christian Checklist, but if I'm not grasping for Him, trying to know Him more and be more like Him, than I am just checking off a religious experience.

So often I am content to engage in the Holy Huddle. That is, the gatherings, the church services, the Sunday Schools...but if we don't GO OUT among the will we ever reach people for Christ?
That's why I love where I'm placed. I love being placed in a dark industry. I'm so thankful God has given me the opportunity to reach people in the modeling industry. It is so dark.
But a candle shines the brightest in the dark. In light, it only seems to blend with all the other candles.
I want to be a candle in the dark, and light other candles.

I'm tired of the Holy Huddle. I don't just want to huddle around Jesus...I want to grasp for Him.