Monday, December 9, 2013

Updates, Christmassy Thoughts and My New Years Plans...

So November has been the busiest month of the fall for me. I spent it in a lot of places, some of my favorites were Exuma, Bahamas, the lovely Turks & Caicos, and Antigua. Antigua surprised me because I have been all over the Caribbean and have never seen bluer water. Don't be too jealous, though. Because this is my day job. It's not the perfect job, it's pretty darn close.
I spent also spent it in South Carolina for Thanksgiving, and I couldn't love my family more. I'm working more and more and went to Orlando for some grown-up business conference which was nice but I just wanted to go outside and play in Disney. I've been working on finals and I'm proud to say I'm a juuniooor. *white girl dance*

But now it's December. I'm writing this by the fire and to me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. It's family and parties and those scones and fudge my mom only makes at like Christmas only.

But every Christmastime, every year, the commercials, the ads, the promotions...all commercialize Christmas in such a way that it turns holiday, not Christmas. This makes me so sad.
I'm not here to blog "Jesus is the reason for the season..."

But I am curious: why is Jesus' name so offensive? Why do we go out of our way to make it "Happy Holidays", "Holiday tree", and "Winter Wonderland" instead?

I was listening to one of my favorite old bands, BarlowGirl last week. Their song called Keep Quiet :

Jesus, Jesus why's Your name's offensive? Why are we so scared to tell this world You've saved us When all of the hope of this world's in Your name  Why are we so scared to say  Oh Jesus
And this bridge:

I'm sorry I cared about my name more than Yours

I'm so sorry how could I hide You anymore

But if I keep quiet

They'll never see I'm different

If we are too scared to tell the World that Jesus has saved us we can just go ahead and say we care about our name more than HIS! 

I don't want my name to matter more than His. Because this isn't Cherisemas. That has like the worst ring to it ever. It's Christmas. 

So I guess this is more of a memo than an official blog, but here's just a few of my thoughts this Christmas. Short&sweet ;)

Since I only seem to ever compose a blog once every few months, I might as well say Happy New Year. I've found the hottest little party dress and heels and I'm invited to this amazing party and--

--Please. Let's get real.

This girl will be in sweatpants that pjs, and drinking a LOT of...sparkling grape juice. So just don't judge. I'm in bed by like 9:30 except this night sooooooo...

Love you all. Thanks for sharing my life with me this year.