Thursday, May 29, 2014

Israel through an iPhone//Adventures in Amsterdam

[wrote this now almost two months ago after getting home, got distracted, (of course) and am just now getting around to actually posting, but here ya go. plus i'm awful at posting to this blog because we are literally halfway through the year and I haven't posted here in. six. months.

Phew. I can't believe I have a night in to write this. My weeks tend to be all-or-nothing, so on the weeks I have no place to go I'm trying to work on school, and then there are weeks like these last few that have been really, really busy.

Oh, and I just got over some pretty awful jet lag (but I better get used to it!) because I just recently got back from Israel and Amsterdam. This was a trip I had been looking forward to going on since the fall and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go.

It wasn't a modeling job, (what can you model there if you're not Bar Refaeli? Olive oil?) And Amsterdam was just a side trip to see the city (my first time in Europe!)
I went because I want to know Jesus more, walk in His footsteps, see a new country, and have a new experience. I went with NewSpring church (what I would consider my home church) with Pastor Perry Noble. I would not have wanted anyone else to show me the Holy Land than a pastor who continuially breaks Scripture down in a way that I can apply it in everyday life than Pastor P!
I took every day in through the lens of my iPhone, and to spare you a gallery, here are my memories and moments I will treasure the most...the times where he preached on places like Mount Arbel, the seashore of Galilee, the Mount of Olives, and the Garden Tomb. Nothing will change the way you perceive Jesus then worshipping in front of an empty tomb.
The empty tomb is living proof that Jesus can do more than we could ever ask or imagine!

Some other highlights were the Dead Sea, MASADA(AAAAA), sailing on the sea of Galilee, OH! and a day in Amsterdam! What a cool city! I took a canal cruise to get a feel for the culture, dined in a restaurant that overlooked the city, (accidentally got lost [don't tell mom please]) and of course, shopped! It was a wonderful place to visit.

See, I figured out what I was passionate about and it's not a new car to be married to and a job to pay for it, it's not a boyfriend to tie me down or a campus to be committed to, it's travel. I truly enjoy the excitement of being in a new country and the thrill of experiencing its new culture. I love to travel, and I plan to do it all my life, but I especially believe in traveling while you're young. It seems to be my new mantra. The world is at my fingertips and as Ellie says: "Adventure is out there!" (-Up)

Since I've been the worst blogger ever and haven't written anything since Christmas, these last few months for me have been filled with wonderful community of women, (you know who you are) cabin girl weekends, (filled with go kart rides) working or doing shows at Lenox (Neiman Marcus) ski trips with my family, (pretending to be in the olympics) a few shoots, (here and there) and of course, working on my degree. (can't wait to be done! so close!)

So really this is more of an update than a blog with thoughts. I am still alive! I just wanted to squeeze this in before a travel conference this weekend, a few exams next week, and a long-awaited trip to Jamaica!

Hopefully I will be able to post more if I am not traveling much during the summer, (which I am trying to make plans to do!) but you can see all the pictures of Amsterdam, every site in Israel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to the Sea of Galilee, on my instagram (@cheriseshaddix) because it would take up pages of room to post them all here! And you can hear everything I thought about it on my twitter (@cheriseshaddix) too! For those of you reading this on Facebook...well, you get what I remember to share. ;)

I've been so blessed with the opportunities I've been given and are coming soon, I can't wait to share them with you and I thank you for reading this and wanting to be a part of my life. xoxo.