Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What 2014 Taught Me

Well. Considering that I have not written one speck since May and that was my only blog post from '14, I better write one more before I leave 2014 in the dust. I've been working really hard on finishing my degree, and I've had some time to write, but not enough to be able to reflect about what's happened this year. Sorry I don't have the time to go into all the details of 2014 on its last and final day, but I can start with some highlights, thoughts, and expectations for 2015. 

What 2014 taught me: (the short list)

  • That it's okay to cut toxic people out of your life
  • That new friends aren't scary, and can teach you much more than staying in stagnant relationships
  • That New Years resolutions aren't always realistic, but small steps add up
  • That travel is one of the most important things to me
  • That travel can teach you more than you could ever imagine
  • How much I value real relationships
  • That I am okay with where I am as long as I am learning and growing
  • 'No' is a complete sentence that does not require an explanation or apology
  • That God's plans are better than my dreams
  • That jealousy spoils good things
  • Marvel. I love Marvel.
  • Found people find people. Saved people serve people. Growing people change. You can't out-give God. You can't do life alone.
  • The best is yet to come!

What I am expectant for in this New Year: (the short list)

  • The completion of my degree
  • A deeper walk with Christ
  • A full passport and to seek adventures that open my mind
  • New meaningful relationships
  • To be content with who I am
  • To become a CONFIDENT. Woman.
  • To put a lid on my cheesy jokes. God help us. There is a time and place.

Last year, my only three resolutions were simple:
  1. Whenever someone offers me water, to drink it. (I've had 5489 more cups this is true)
  2. To invest in quality, key pieces when shopping and not blowing $. (I've saved 4839 more $ this is true)
  3. To visit 3 new countries within the year. (The only regret is that I couldn't make it to my third country, but I did visit two pretty spectacular ones.) (this is true.)
So, this year's resolutions, in addition to last year's:
  1. To become proficient in another language
  2. To not only travel to a new country, but stay there for one month
  3. To finish my degree and do life
I have grown so much this year, but I can't wait for a New Year. I am expectant. I am ready. In Christ, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!