Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fashion Week: We Meet Again! Blog: Time to Re-introduce Myself.

I do my best writing accompanied with good food, late nights, and a New York apartment, but mostly with procrastination. my last semester of online classes started this week as I'm going into what is usually the busiest week of my life.

So I don't really know what people want to know but they keep telling me to blog and so I have to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

Basically this has been the best year for me, and also the busiest. I started it out by traveling to Europe in February on some overseas contracts that were supposed to last 2 months and ended up staying 5. The best part about that is my school worked with me while abroad and I got a semester's worth of credit! So passport stamps for Norway, Germany, Greece, and Italy: check. It was really interesting for me to do that all in one suitcase. One. It made me realize how much I don't need and reevaluate a bit. I met amazing friends, I gained great experience. I worked for amazing clients. But best of all I saw the world. (Okay, Europe--but it felt like the world.) It also made me realize how important that is to me. It's great to do what I do and use that as a vessel for me to travel, but I want to see every country in the world before I die, how's that for a bucket list?

Great, so you traveled a bit, you met cool, people, you went cool places, you got cool college credit, and you did cool things, but what did you learn? So glad you asked! (that's really cheesy) Let me share them with you...

  1. Traveling is really important to me
  2. When in Rome, it's easy to break into wifi (the password was literally 'doastheromansdo')
  3. I am a MASTER at finding European wifi and realize I am gifted with superpowers
  4. When a guy asks you if he can buy you a souvenir, march him straight into Chanel (might not go over too well)
  5. Always eat the gelato, even if you're the only one
  6. Never be afraid to ask if you can stay with someone to see their country, because you will get to see it in the most unique and incredible way. (Like zipping down The Alps in a sled)
  7. If people don't speak your language, learn a bit of theirs
  8. How amazing the Mediterranean diet is (freshest.seafood.ever)
  9. Being confident can change your life
  10. When in doubt, rent a four wheeler and zip across an island
  11. Don't be afraid to vacation solo
So there's Europe in a nutshell. When I get around to not having a busy life I will update my blog enough to where you'll see some pictures of some of these countries and what to do while there...stay posted. 

Afterwards I spent the busiest summer of my life with my family, on the lake, going to Disney World and catching up with friends before landing straight back in New York for fashion week and starting the season all over again.

So hopefully that's enough of an update to keep the people happy. If I don't get around to posting again as soon as I'd like, my fall plans after New York (assuming I don't do the full London, Milan, Paris fashion week circuit, which I really shouldn't) is to come back to Atlanta finally and finish my last semester, do lot of maid-of-honor-ey things because my best friend's getting married, and focus on plans for 2016 which are exciting and definitely need to be planned out this much in advance.

LOVE YOU THANKS FOR READING and supporting and liking and commenting and messaging and encouraging and everything. 

Wow. I do not have a fanbase. What I meant to say is thank YOU for being on this journey with me, and I really am thankful for you.