10 Things To Do In Santorini

So, I’m not an expert, but I thought if anyone ever had the chance to visit Santorini or any of some incredible places I have been able to visit, then I could at least give them an inside scoop. So I’m creating a destination’s tab so if you have the chance to travel, you’ll be able to do some of the best things, and hopefully learn a bit from my experiences.

Santorini was such a wonderful holiday for me. Being a solo traveller most of my life, I’ve gotten used to doing many things on my own, but have also picked up some very unique experiences along the way.

1.     Stay in a hotel on the Caldera
I cannot explain how important this is! It’s one of the things that makes Santorini so unique and special—it’s a must and the views are unbeatable! The Caldera is the circle around the volcano which has Cliffside views.

2.     Rent a four-wheeler.
Definitely another must for me. The island is small, but you would either need to rent a car (ew) or take a bus and be paying a small fare each way that would add up. The average rate for an ATV was $25/day, but I am a negotiator and champion warrior woman and got it for $50 for my entire stay, so , that was definitely worth it and I patted myself on the back too much and told myself to knock it off. There is something so freeing about going anywhere you want to go on your own time table! SO fun for me.

3.     Watch the sunset from Fira.
Fira Town is the capital, has many shops, and has all the nightlife and party vibes on the island. It also has a remarkable sunset which you just have to see.

4.     Go to Oia at 5 for the golden hour and watch the sunset from there
This is a MUST! If you go to Oia and don’t see the sunset, did you really even go to Santorini?! No. You did not. Not only are the views incredible, but Oia is what everyone thinks of when they think of Santorini, an Santorini is what everyone thinks of when they think of Greece. It’s THE place to experience the Greek Islands.

5.     Visit Red Beach
Not only was this beach in a cove, the rocks and small hike you have to take to get here makes it feel like it is an adventure—it’s so worth it!

6.     Go to Kamari beach, AND CLIFF DIVE 
This beach is not a beach like Florida, and actually, beaches in Santorini aren’t really for laying out in the sand, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Greece has over 1,200 islands to choose from! (And most of them are difficult to get to, and that’s a very, very good thing) But the volcanic rock, cliff diving, caves, and mountains behind it are breathtaking.

7.     Have a nice Greek dinner
The food here is wonderful if you stick to the local food and don’t try to go American! Get some Souvlaki, enjoy a traditional Greek salad, and enjoy!

8.     Visit Akrotiri, if you’re the historic type
This place was really neat, and if you’re a student, you can get into almost anywhere with a discount if you have your I.D.!

9. Visit Atlantis Books
What a cool place. Sassy British bookworms with great book recommendations in a small cave with a hole you have to crawl through to get there--what's not to love?

10.     Relax in a hot tub
Definitely a must. What’s more memorable that soaking in a Jacuzzi while looking over the Caldera?! Nothing. 

You’re in Greece! Enjoy the moment, soak up the sunshine, and if you’ve ever been to Santorini, let me know what your favorites were!

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